November 2020

street fighter 2 slot

Streetfighter 2 Slot

For everyone who grew up playing Streetfighter arcade, the release of Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior slot was undoubtedly exciting news. NetEnt did a great job bringing a classic game back with some moving twists. There are eight characters to choose from, and each level you go through is more explosive than the last. It’ll take you back to the good old days.

The Inspiration Behind Streetfighter 2

What makes the Streetfighter 2 one of the best online slots is that it captured the iconic coin-op version in 1991. It was the inspiration for the slot game. NetEnt Games featured these original characters in the Streetfighter 2 slot: Ken, E.Honda, Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, Zangief, Blanka, and Dhalsim. Each of these fighters has their unique moves and fighting style. They also possess their own Wild combinations and volatility, making the game extra exciting.

Streetfighter 2 Slot Bonuses

NetEnt Games did awesome on the slot bonuses as well. The wilds of the character you chose will affect the volatility of your wins. You should land 7 clusters in a row to add premium wilds. Trigger the Car Smash Bonus and get 5 -15x your stake or use Beat the Boss Bonus Spins for unlimited spins. Make sure your health bar doesn’t drop to zero or it’s game over.

Winning the Streetfighter 2 Slot

Streetfighter 2 slot is going to be nostalgic for most players. Its vintage graphics and soundtrack, a hit. Plus, the victory is even more enjoyable if you are using your favourite character. Well, before you give it a spin, make sure to learn about its mechanics to ensure your wins. NetEnt Games often uses cluster pay mechanics to their slot games that include Streetfighter 2.